What Everyone Ought To Know About NTFS File System

What Everyone Ought To Know About NTFS File System New technology file system (NTFS) is a file system which was developed by Microsoft to store computer files. This file system was ...

5 Problems Everyone Has With Dell Laptop and How to Solved Them

5 Problems Everyone Has With Dell Laptop and How to Solved Them Sometimes our Dell laptops can give us a scare by bringing up issues. Some of these problems are easy ...

Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Digital Forensics

Computer forensics is a digital way of handling the law from the technology field, and computer forensics follows a process that is similar to other forensic disciplines, and they also ...

Apple Vs Microsoft

Apple Vs Microsoft     The Apple Vs Microsoft saga dates back in 1994 when Apple lost badly on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) case against Microsoft. Since then, the duo have been ...

What Everyone Ought To Know About NTFS File System

Posted by admin On February - 14 - 2017

What Everyone Ought To Know About NTFS File System

New technology file system (NTFS) is a file system which was developed by Microsoft to store computer files. This file system was used to replace the old file system which was used by earlier windows version e.g. Windows 95 and Windows 98 SE. NTFS is a recent innovation which was introduced with Windows NT operating system to improve performance and reliability.


NTFS is packed with modern features which makes it very dependable and advanced in disk use space in this modern era. Some of these important features include:

  • Security: Each file or folder in NTFS system has a security descriptor which determines the owner. The descriptor has two access control lists (ACLs) which determines the kind of interactions allowed or restricted by the users. Therefore, ACLs allows folders to be read and get executed by all users but can only be modified by the user having administration privileges.
  • Change journal: This feature uses NTFS Log to record large amount of data in the system volume. This is important because it enables quick data recovery if your computer crashes unexpectedly. Therefore, this feature provides alternative data back up plans in NTFS systems and it’s not found in FAT systems.
  • Disk Quota limits: They allow an administrator that runs windows that supports NTFS to be able to set a threshold of disk space that users may utilise. In addition, it also allows the administrator to know the amount of disk space used by each user.
  • Shadow copies for backups: This feature is also known as volume shadow copy and it is responsible in keeping historical versions of either folders or files on NTFS volumes. The users may later request the old copies to be recovered or use data back up programs to archive files.


These features makes NTFS outstanding especially in file permissions and operations. However, your windows system should be NTFS partitioned to enable the features operate optimally. Alternatively, if you’ve a secondary drive which you are planning to install programs on, you should make it NTFS too to enhance compatibility.


Compatibility of NTFS with other systems

  1. a) You should know that NTFS is not compatible with other operating systems available. However, it works with recently released window versions as well as the older versions of windows e.g. Windows XP.
  2. b) Mac OS X operating systems can only read NTFS drives but cannot be able to write them whatsoever.
  3. c) Also, you should understand that some Linux distributions may enable NTFS writing but others maybe read-only formats only.
  4. d) NTFS systems are not compatible with any of Sony’s PlayStation and hence be very cautious when buying either of them to avoid being frustrated.
  5. e) You should also consider buying the new Xbox one because the earlier Microsoft’s Xbox 360 cannot be able to read NTFS drives.


Although they are not easily compatible with other devices, having NTFS system has a lot of advantages which include:

  • They have faster access speeds since NTFS minimises the number of disks required to access a file.
  • NTFS functionality can easily be extended using re-parse points to enable new features in the system.
  • NTFS boot sector is always backed up at the end of system volume.
  • The system supports encrypting file system that prevent unauthorised users to access file contents.


NTFS technology has really revolutionised data back up and storage in recent past. This technology is very reliable with its performance exceeding any other system in the market today.



5 Problems Everyone Has With Dell Laptop and How to Solved Them

Sometimes our Dell laptops can give us a scare by bringing up issues. Some of these problems are easy to fix and do not require you to run to your technician making you spend loads of money. Below are the common problem with Dell laptops and how to fix them.


  • Computer Will Not Start

One common problem with the Dell laptops is when the computer will not start, to resolve this issue one needs to check if all cables are plugged in and switched turned on. Check if the monitor is turned on and well connected to the laptop. Change the fuse cable and ensure the extension is working well. If the sockets are not working, try another socket and lastly ensure no buttons or switches are stuck.


  • No Sound Coming From Computer

It can be devastating when you badly want to watch a movie or play games online, and your Dell laptop has no sound. When fixing sound problems, one need to check if the volume is turned up, then ensure your speakers are correctly plugged in. Sometimes the speakers might not work if they are plugged into the wrong port. If you suspect that your speakers are broken, plug in your earphones to see they will work. Lastly, check on the task-bar that the sound is not mute.


  • Blank Monitor Screen

Blank screen happens when you start your laptop and it displays a no input message. If a blank screen happens, the first thing to do should check if the monitor is correctly plugged to power and if its securely connected to the laptop. When the connection is loose, some Dell laptops do not function. Then check if the power button is on if it is not, switch it on and your screen will start working normally again.


  • Computer Boots But Won’t Launch

When your laptops windows won’t start, press F8 during the start-up process. If that does not fix it, the problem might be software related and not with the hardware. Run a malware on your laptop and scan for viruses. If the laptop does not boot in safe mode, try rebooting laptops repairs to fix the start-up problems. Alternatively, you can use the system restore which enables you to restore data from a previous date. Any recent unsaved work might be lost, but your laptop will be okay.


  • Slow Internet

Sometimes Dell laptops experience the slow internet, and this can be frustrating especially to students who have urgent assignments to submit. If you happen to experience the slow internet, reboot the router and restart your laptop. Rebooting your router means unplugging for 5 minutes and plugging it back in again. You can also check for malware or spyware infections.

Sometimes slow internet would mean your internet subscription has expired. Inquire with your internet provider to make sure there are no connection problems maybe the problem could be from their side. If the connection is right from your provider’s side, try to move the router around or reboot both the router and the laptop while changing the wireless channel.



Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Digital Forensics

Posted by admin On January - 3 - 2017

Computer forensics is a digital way of handling the law from the technology field, and computer forensics follows a process that is similar to other forensic disciplines, and they also face a lot of the very same issues. So, if this is an area of technology that you are looking to pursue, then it is important to make sure that you learn everything that you can about digital forensics, and to do so in an quick and easy way. This will help you to understand the field of digital forensics, without having to make it more complicated for you to learn.

One of the best ways to learn digital forensics, is to understand and learn the stages that you will have to go through to complete this process. So, when you are getting into this specific field, the stages that you will be following will include:


– Evaluating is the most important part to begin with, and once you have readied yourself, and become

properly trained in this field of work, you will begin by evaluating the instructions that you have been


– Collecting all of the data and information that you need, is the next step to take in this process.

– Depending on the specific job that you do, you will then perform an analysis on the data and

information that you have collected.

– The next stage is for you to present this information and data, whether it is in meetings or

telephone conferences.

– Reviewing all of the evidence and data that you have, is one of the stages that get overlooked

many times. However, it is one of the most crucial steps to accomplish, since this allows for you to

be able to go back over all of the information, and make sure that it is of the highest of quality. This

means that if there are any errors, you will be able to fix them by simply going back over all of the



So, it is important to be sure that you go through all of these stages carefully and professionally, to allow for you to get through the digital forensics process properly and sufficiently. If you want to be able to be successful in the digital forensics field of work, then you will want to be sure that you go about it in the proper and right way, otherwise, you will end up failing in this area of work, and that is something you definitely will want to avoid.

In conclusion, when it comes to the world of digital forensics, it is a field of work that require a lot of structure, discipline, and a high quality of information. With all of this together, you will be able to be successful in this field, and you will be able to properly conclude all of the information by the time you have finished following all of these stages. Evaluating, collecting, perform, present, and reviewing all of the data that you have, is what is going to give you the highest quality of information, and leave you with the results that you are looking to accomplish.

Apple Vs Microsoft

Posted by admin On December - 6 - 2016

Apple Vs Microsoft



The Apple Vs Microsoft saga dates back in 1994 when Apple lost badly on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) case against Microsoft. Since then, the duo have been operating in throat-cutting competitions with smartphones and cloud business as their major tools of trade. Splendid management especially by Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, Nadella and Cook saw the businesses taking to new peaks with Microsoft always tailgating behind Apple. Though trends have been placing Apple on top, recent studies indicates the future of Microsoft is also in safe hands. The two can be compared under the following grounds:



Apple is bigger, better, valuable firm with stabilized financial base that has been growing exponentially over the years. It is approximately twice the worth of Microsoft even with its skyrocketing long-term debt. Apple’s success resonates from the high charges from the premiums and the ever increasing demand for smartphones. But despite all these endowments, there has Apple has also recorded a massive recession in shares by 18.4% within a year. Microsoft shares on the other hand has increased by 26.5%.



Apple has always performed better compared to Microsoft. For instance, during this year’s fourth quarter, Apples revenue increased by 1.7% while Microsoft decline hit 2.9%. Apple realized a 7.2% in profits while Microsoft had to contend with a 1.3%. On the last 5 years Apple collected a 25.2% from revenue chiefly from the sale of smartphones. Microsoft on the other hand recorded a 6.7% increase in revenue over the same duration with income form PC sales forming the bulk of these revenue.


Performance Expectations

There is little anticipated from the firm especially by the analysts. For those with little expectations to beat this will always remain a choice. Apple on the other hand is limited to investors and those with bigger expectations. Microsoft beat quarterly revenue by 1.9% while Apple beat the quarterly target by 1.6% with a 0.9% deviation from the quarterly revenue expectations.


Future Winner

Statistics have shown the likelihood of Microsoft raking a 7.8% earnings and a 4% increase in revenue collection at the end of the year. Apple on the other hand is anticipated to cut its profit by 1.9% and loose revenue by 2.2%. The slight increase in revenue growth by 1.7% which is no way near to the 18% growth over the last year pinpoints the direction the Apple smartphone is headed.











JTAG Explained

Posted by admin On December - 2 - 2016

 JTAG Explained


JTAG is a computer hardware interface which allows the personal computer to communicate with the chips directly on the board. It was uniquely developed to help eliminate the challenges witnessed in testing of the printed circuit boards by the joint test access group. JTAG has steadily become popular and was integrated in processor called Intel 80486 and later coded IEEE 1491. It is used for programming, debugging and testing of the embedded devices. The processors use JTAG to ensure access to emulation or debug functions while CPLDs and FPGAs use it for the programming functions. This article, therefore, discusses the in detail the JTAG and how it is used.


Boundary scanning

JTAG help debug, test and diagnose all the modern systems. It enables you to write and read individual bits on the specific pins pf the specific chips on the board. The boundary scan cells have no impact on the device and its operation while in the functional mode. In test mode the boundary scan cells disconnect the functional core of the machine from the pins. Setting the boundary scan cells in the test mode help control the values onto a net from enabled device and monitor the net value. Disconnecting from the functional mode makes it easy to scan the test development. The boundary scan can be used in two ways when testing the board. In the first way the connection testing ensures superb coverage especially for short circuiting. In the second mode allows for the extension of the coverage by facilitating communication between the JTAG devices on the board and the non JTAG devices on the periphery.


Interface signals

The JTAG interface uses several signals to aid the boundary scan operations. These include;

Test Clock signal-synchronizes the operations of the internal state machine.

Test Mode Select signal- help in the determination of the proceeding state.

Test Data In signal-it is a representative of the programming logic or data in the device test.

Test Data Out signal-represents the data from the programming logic and the device test.

Test Reset signal- can help reset the state machine of the TAP controller.




The instruction register of the boundary scan help hold the current instructions while the data registers are of three types. The BSR help move data to and from the pins of the machine. The BYPASS register moves message from Test Data In to Test Data Out. IDCODES register holds the revision numbers and the ID codes of the device.


Test Access Port (TAP) Controller

This is a device that is controlled by TSM signal hence controlling the JTAG behavior signal. The operated data depend on the instruction register’s loaded value.

Boundary Scan Instructions

There are several sets of instructions defined by IEEE 1149.1 standard which include;

BYPASS instruction links TDO and TDI lines.

EXTEST instruction links TDO and TDI to Boundary Scan Register.

SAMPLE/PRELOAD instruction links TDO and TDI to the BSR.

In conclusion, JTAG is a suitable interface in the embedding of the devices. The information on the JTAG is enormous and this article will help you consider the use of JTAG in order to enjoy the numerous opportunities.

Things to know about data recovery

Posted by admin On November - 23 - 2016
Consumer Electronics

In the computer era, the thing that is experienced by the people nowadays by many people is data loss. Actually, data loss is normal occurrence that can be experienced by anyone. What is data loss? It can be described in many forms. But the ultimate outline that every statement quotes is missing the required data either accidentally by us or through any other unexpected damages in the storage system. To be in clear, let us go closer to the topic. The data loss will occur at the scenes such as accidental deletion of files, file corruption, system damage, and physical damage to the drive, etc. when you encounter these kinds of scenes, the data will be lost. In order to recover the data, some ways are followed by the people. It varies with the severity of the loss.  If the data is accidentally deleted then it might be stored in the recycle bin of the system. Even if the file is permanently deleted without reaching the recycle bin, there is software available for data recovery.

Computer Programming

The most important thing in the case of the data recovering process, we cannot guarantee that we can able to get the files back for sure. There are only possibilities to get back the files. So those ways can be tried out by us. If the file description information is available in the system then recovering them would be easy and if they are deleted then the algorithm of the data recovery software will fail to retain the information and the required files. It depends on the deletion process.

If the file is corrupted then the recovering process should be cautiously. Depending on the level of severity in the corruption rate, the chances are there to achieve what you think. If you make use of the reputed as well as the good recovery software, then you can able to recover them without any damages. Overwriting the data and the physical damages will make the situation more badly. Carefully analyze the reason for the data loss and then think about the way to retrieve the data back. If the damage is severe and the data are very essential to retrieve then you can better seek the aid of the experts. This is because a small mistake of yours might block the way of recovering them again. Hence analyze and then find out the solution.

People store the all-important information in their computer or laptop which they have in home. If they need any information, they get that from their system. Perhaps your system has attacked by the strong virus you may lose your stuffs which is stored in your system. And that data lossmight happen when you delete your information accidently. When you do the deletion in your system, that data will be stores in the recycle bin. But the data loss will happen when you do that action permanently. In that cases to retrieve your loosed data you can go for data recovery option because with the help of that software you can recover your data which are deleted by you.

Apple Mac

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of restoring the data that has been lost. And the data loss may happened by deleting your information accidently, corrupted or inaccessible. By using this you can recover your data from computer, laptop, external storage, and server. But the data recovery process may change that depends upon the situations of the data loss and this data recovery is used to create the back up. Many desk top and laptop platforms that allow the end user to recover the lost files themselves because restoration of the corrupted database from the tape backup is more complicated. Typically this is used to retrieve the lost data that were not backed up from the disk fragment.

Different type of data recovery

There are different types of the data recovery system that used for the organization and business to get the lost data. Before you choose the type of data recovery system, you should select the appropriate system for your company or your business. So some kind of recovery systems is given bellow.

  • Bare metal recovery: This recovery system involves in backing up the entire system including the operating system, data, and software application. In the event of data loss, bare metal recovery system allows you to restore the operating system in the single procedure.
  • CDP system: It is stand for Continuous data protection and it is also known as the continuous data backup. And you can save the time while doing the recovery process because it contains the dual purpose method of backing up the data.
  • Online disk back up: This system providing the tiered recovery architecture which gives you the more flexibility and options so you can back up frequently that is constantly changing in the daily basis.
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